Space Invaders EX (simply titled Space Invaders in North America) is a Space Invaders title released in 2002 by Activision for the Game Boy Advance.

The game features two main gameplay modes. The 1 Player mode is the main gameplay mode, which is an update on the classic Space Invaders formula. The game features four different types of enemies, each with a different color. By defeating four enemies of the same color in a row, you get a single use special weapon. Red enemies drop the straight rocket, which goes through enemies vertically. Blue and green enemies drop the right and left rockets respectivelly, which make a 90° turn when they hit an enemy, going through the remaining enemies horizontally. Finally, yellow enemies drop the diagonal rocket, which divides itself in two when it hits an enemy then goes through them diagionally. This weapons system would later be expanded upon in Space Invaders Extreme.

Classic Mode is a recreation of the original game, though adapted to fit the smaller screen. Additionally, the game featuresn 2-players versus and co-op modes through the GBA Link Cable.

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