Space Cyclone is a fixed shooter game released by Taito in 1980 for Arcades.


In Space Cyclone the player controls a ship which moves on the bottom. The main objective is to destroy the Bems, alien creatures which ride on the various meteors floating on the screen and eventually come tumbling down. They attack by shooting regular bullets and wave guns which are slower by cover more space. A stage is clear when the player has defeated enough Bems.

If a Bem manages to reach the bottom of the screen it will build a portion of a large mech on the left of the screen. Once the mech is complete it will launch and begin floating around, attacking the player directly with laser beams which are difficult to dodge. Successfully destroying a mech will earn the player extra points depending on how long it took to defeat it.

In addition to the Bems, sometimes a UFO will show up at the top. Depending on the UFO type, it will either shoot a large lightning bolt or drop bombs. Destroying them will also grant extra points.

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