Pepsi Invaders is a hack of Space Invaders, with several changes made to the gameplay, along with it being for only one player and there only being one game. The Coca-Cola company had commissioned a game from Atari to give to their Atlanta office employees, limiting the print run to only 125 copies.


Even though Pepsi Invaders has the same basic gameplay as Space Invaders, several changes were made, most notably in that the only game included ran on a time limit of three minutes; once those three minutes were up, the game would end. The player is allowed unlimited lives though, unlike with only three in the original. Once a game has gone down to the last 10 remaining seconds, the time (at the bottom of the screen) and laser cannon position indicators would flash, and the words "COKE WINS!" appears onscreen once time runs out. There is also no way to be invaded, as the invaders will travel to the row right above the player’s laser cannon, but not come down any closer.

Graphically, several sprites were changed, as the laser cannon is multi-colored, and the Alien Command Ship is made up of the Pepsi trademark colors from back then. The color of the Earth was changed as well, along with the majority of the invaders being made up of the letters "PEPSI" (plus the word "COKE" is at the top of the screen). What was originally the top row invader from the original game now appears at the furthest right vertical column. This is also the only invader that moves, as the invaders that make up the letters PEPSI only bob up and down, not showing any kind of animation at all otherwise. The point value for the Alien Command Ship was also changed as well from the original.


  • Move laser cannon–joystick left and right
  • Fire–button
  • Start game–game reset switch or joystick button


  • Bottom row invader–5 points
  • Row two invader (from bottom)–10 points
  • Row three invader–15 points
  • Row four invader–20 points
  • Row five invader–25 points
  • Row six invader–30 points
  • Pepsi ship–400 points


  • There was no box artwork produced for Pepsi Invaders, as it just came in a white box with a circle red sticker that says "Atari goes better with Coke".
  • A further hack of this was made called Pepsi Wins, where Pepsi strikes back. Additional hacks include Ant Attack, Ed Invaders, and UFO #6.


Before you try ANY cheats you need to hold select through the whole cheat.

neverending supply of pepsi... up up down down left left up down start

100 more cans... up right start down left start

super cannon... up left up right down