Nameless is the name of the final boss of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Space Invaders Infinity Gene.

Nameless appears as a 2D circle with nothing inside, Nameless will shoot lasers out of all sides of its body untill it is destroyed. Destroying these lasers will cause them to home into Nameless and harm it.


It appears in the center of the grid sphere in the background of Cleavage, and the beams emerging from its body seem to be holding the sphere together.

Connections To Cells Edit

Nameless itself appears to be the nucleus of a cell. This is supported by the surface of Cleavage resembling the membrane of an embryonic cell in the state of cell division also known as cleavage.

How To DestroyEdit

There are 2 ways to destroy Nameless.

  • Equip a ship that destroys from a large radius. (e.g. Gravity, Field, Wave) and shoot at Nameless to destroy it quickly.
  • Equip a short range weapon, find a spot where the player does not hit the lasers and hold the fire button until Nameless is destroyed.


  • Nameless is 2D. However, most console bosses are 3D.
  • Nameless is just a mere white circle
  • Once the player destroys nameless, the music will freak out untill it reaches level 0.
  • Before Nameless explodes it will pulse slowly and get faster.
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