Lunar Rescue is a single screen action game released by Taito in 1979 for Arcades. It was originally intended as a follow-up to the original Space Invaders.


Each round of Lunar Rescue consists of two distinct phases. During the first phase the player's ship is ejected from the mother ship, with the player having to navigate around various asteroids in order to land in one of the three platforms at the bottom. Each platform is comprised of two parts, with one part being removed after a successful landing. Each part of these platforms correspond to one of the six astronauts which the player must rescue. By pressing the action button the playe can control the ship's descent speed.

Upon a succesful landing begins the second phase. During this phase the player must return to the mothership, but on the way a series of enemy saucers will block the path. By pressing the action button the player can shoot at them. Upon docking with the mothership the round is complete.


  • Large Saucer: 30 points
  • Small Saucer: 50 points

8Platform: 50, 100 and 150 points

Each astronaut rescued gives an increasing score value up until round four:

  • Round 1: 50 points
  • Round 2: 100 points
  • Round 3: 150 points
  • Round 4+: 300 points
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