The Invaders are the aliens that appear in the entire Space Invaders series. There is 3 types of invaders, which all have characteristics of aquatic animals:

  •  Octopus (Large Invader) - Resembles a Jellyfish, and has been confirmed to be an octopus.
  •  Shapeshifting Cuttlefish - Two Cuttlefish occasionally spawn when an Invader is killed. It resembles a Cuttlefish, but has not been confirmed to be so.


The Invaders have very simple appearances. Having eyes and a few appendages. They all share the trait of being pixelated versions of marine life.

Story Edit

The Invaders originate from the Invader Dimension and came to the Milky Way for conquest, as they have done many times in the past.[1]

After wiping out most of human civilization, the Arkanoid was constructed and humanity found a new home, the Invaders started to attack again. They were then pushed back and the attack on the Milky Way was ended. The remaining Invader forces organized an attack on the rest of the Human Dimension[2].


The Invaders will move horizontally untill they reach a side of the screen, move down, and move horizontally in the opposite direction. They shoot projectiles that destroy your ship and barriers that vary:

  • A simple line that puts a small hole in a barrier
  • A lightning bolt that goes in a zig-zag and does more damage in the barriers.

The Invaders themselves can also destroy the barriers very quickly when they are level with them.


  1. The Invaders where originally meant to be soldiers. But where replaced, probably to avoid any controversial problems.
  2. The Octopus was based off of the cephalopodic Martians from war of the Worlds, and so all other invaders are based off of marine life.

References Edit

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