Crabs appearance in 5-2

Crab is a boss that appears in codon (stage 5-2) he is a boss at the end of the stage

Appearance Edit

The Crab appears as a four-legged cube, with a pair of large claws that shoot two rods. The cube can open up and reveal a cannon inside.

Name Edit

The Crab is named after the common Crab Invader. As such, in promotional art it is shown with a Hornet, Sun and Crab icon.

Environment Edit

While there is no 3D movement, Crab and Water Strider are the only bosses that clearly move in a three dimensional space, while others just have 3D backgrounds.

Attacks Edit

  • The Crab shoots its rods at the player. The rods then return and shoot lasers.
  • The Crab Jumps to wherever the player is, causing them to need to dodge.
  • The Crab opens up and creates a laser circle. The player either needs to go inside the circle while it is forming, or move to the corner of the screen.