Space Invaders Game

Space invaders is my favourite game to play i like how you get to shoot things down

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Brundo Brundo 19 August 2012

Lost Space Invaders clone

Hello there.

I was webing for unusual clone of Space Invaders game. So here is my question. Do you know what clone of SI is this ? This one was a small windowed game, in really small window, something like on picture. I made this picture by myself to show you how it looks like more or less. It is all about that blue graphic. I never saw similiar clone of SI, so if you have something in your mind it must be it.

I cant find this game anywhere on net. Any single picture, NOTHING. If you could spare any information about it, I will be most thankfull.

P.S. Maybe that blue graphic was like more gray blue or so, dont remember exactly.

Any help ?

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